P90X and Single Motherhood

I have been SO very busy with everything since school started that I have barely had time to take a shower, but I'm slowly figuring out a routine that gets everything mostly done and leaves a few minutes for a glass of wine at the end of the day. Last week, however, was the week of all weeks and I lived to tell about it!

Paul had to go out of town last week for the first time since we've had Zoe, and he couldn't have picked a more challenging week! First of all, I decided to join several of my co-workers in doing P90X, which is a very intense 90 day workout program. The workouts are about an hour long 6 days a week, and change every day. The very first day was shoulder and back (think push-ups and pull-ups), the second day was plyometrics (different varieties of jumping squats) the third days was arms, fourth was yoga, fifth was more pull-ups and arms, and the sixth was kenpo (kickboxing) with abs on days 1, 3 and 5. Oh yeah, did I mention it's super intense?

So, since I have not really worked out in awhile, I was INCREDIBLY sore Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, which was a problem because I have a 6-month old baby who weighs probably 22 or 23 lbs. My noodly arms could barely pick her up out of her crib, and my abs were so sore that I could barely roll (literally roll - I could not sit up like a normal person) my poor achy body out of bed at 2am to feed my poor 22lb hungry baby who seems to cry very, very extra loud at that hour. I was actually afraid that my biceps might just decide that they were uninterested in working and poor little Zoe would drop to the floor. Thankfully they held out enough so I could feed, bathe and dress my 'little' Zo-Zo without incident.

During that week two assistant superintendents from our district were visiting my school, and both came to my classroom. I could barely walk properly and had to ask one of them if our principal had explained the new fitness group the faculty had started so she wouldn't think something was seriously wrong with me.

Last was also the week that soccer started. Sophia is already in dance on Tuesdays, and normally Paul picks up Zoe on those days so I don't have to bring her into the small boring waiting area at the dance academy. But, last week I had to bring Zoe, and of course it was 'Bring your Friend to Dance' week, so there were extra parents, not enough seats and the 'air-conditioning' was blowing a cool 85 degrees or so. I was sweating just sitting there, and poor Zoe had to sit on my lab and was sweating and had little red hot-cheeks.

Then, on to the very first Soccer practice for T and S. They are on the same team, which is good, but having never been a 'soccer Mom' up to this point, I was very unprepared. My friend was going to watch Zoe so she wouldn't have to sit out in the 90 degrees and 80% humidity, but she hurt her shoulder pretty bad in P90X that day, so I brought Z with me. She was sweating up a storm in her very hot stroller that had a near-flat tire (so I looked pretty lame pushing it across the grass), but she seemed to have lots of fun watching everything. I almost forgot to bring water and then I left it in the car, and I didn't have any fancy soccer-Mom chairs like everyone else, so I got to sit next to the fireants in the grass. You only have to learn that lesson once. Thankfully there was one other Soccer-Mom-Virgin there, so we sat on the grass together like big dorks. I barely had enough time to get there on time, and the kids were so excited, and soccer socks/shoes/shinpads take alot of time to put on so they wore their shinpads on the outside of their socks and looked a little like nerds, but we'll plan better next time. I also forgot bug spray, but thankfully one of the other very experienced Moms let me borrow some of hers. In the end, the kids had so much fun that they can't wait to go this week, but it was mildly stressful for me. At least now I know what to expect.

Once we got home from soccer, I had to put the baby to bed, give everyone snacks, baths and put them to bed, and it was all much later than normal, so everyone was just a bit crabby. Then they were a bit crabby again in the morning because we all had to get up so early the whole week so I could get everyone to school so I could get to work on time (I have to be there at 7:30, so we had to leave by 6:55 or 7am at the latest). It was exhausting and we were all totally worn out and tired by Friday night, but thankfully Paul made it home around 9:30pm on Friday just in time for me to collapse with some earplugs in so I could get many hours of sleep in a row!

What a week! I also managed to feed everyone, do laundry, make bottles, clean bottles, make bottles, clean bottles, take out the garbage, find a new lawn service, get to the grocery store and keep everyone safe and relatively happy - nothing short of a small miracle in my opinion! Yep - motherofthreehood slapped me in the face this week, but I like to think I slapped back!

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MollyKate said...

I am cracking up! Some would grumble, but you find the humor. I really wish I had blogging capabilities way back when I had z and N. I can so picture everything you say! If nothing else, the P90X will allow us to drink and eat more cheese with out guilt!